Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Straight & Narrow...

I heard someone say many years ago that he didn't feel comfortable at events or clubs with mostly "straight" people.  I didn't understand it then, and certainly not now.  I attended a private event that was incredible because of the ingenuity. It was called "Eat & Tweet" hosted by chef Bren Herrera.

She prepared traditional Cuban dishes for the evening: Saffron couscous with sauteed mushroom and Picadillo (a ground beef dish complete with olives and raisins).

The concept was one I had never considered.  It was a wine and chocolate pairing.  All of the wines were Montaluce (Merlot, Cabernet, Chardonnay, and Risata) of northern Georgia with an assortment of Cholive chocolates; Key Lime, Raspberry and Orange to name a few.   

Bren explained that we should sip the wine, allow it to coat our tongue, taste the chocolate, then sip the wine again as the chocolate melted in our mouths.  Delicious!  

As we mingled, we "tweeted" pictures as well as our opinions of the wines and chocolates we enjoyed.  Most importantly, we networked.  There was a celebrity journalist, photographer, songwriter/producer, chef (Bren), among others present.

Once the wine relaxed everyone the conversation shifted to dating, relationships and marriage.  It occurred to me, yet again, we all want and worry about the same thing-companionship. 

We discussed the complexities of dating in this era and in this city.  Surprisingly, their concerns are the same as our concerns: hook ups, text dating, and the many layers one has to peel through in order to get to the real person. 

One guy asked if it was appropriate to walk up to a group of women, introduce himself with the sole purpose of connecting with one of them.  One of the females pondered why she's single, has been single, and has no prospects of a relationship.  I couldn't help but notice the obvious parallels in straight and gay relationships.  I've heard so many gay people say, "It would be easier if I was straight."  Not so.  The reality is it's hard finding someone that's found themselves, straight or gay.  That's life.  Moreover, the gay people that think dating or relationships would be easier if they were straight are typically the ones that don't have a balance of straight and gay friends.  Those of us that have that balance see our issues are their issues.

Here's to living a balanced life. Cheers!

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Photography by: Chieu Lee

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