Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The One...

My friends and I often speak of "the one".  It's the relationship from our past that made the biggest impression on us, thus far. The one, is our biggest story to date.

The one, gave us the most satisfaction and the most pain. He's the one we had so many "firsts" with i.e. trips, homes etc. "The one" we have the most memories of and with.  The one, touched places in our heart that no one before or since could touch. We loved him the hardest.  He is the one that made us afraid to ever love hard, again.  The one we thought about long after the relationship was over.  He's the one we'll always remember.  The one we'll always be there for, if he calls.  He's the one we never really got over because he and "the end" were ambiguous.  The one we felt got away.  He's the one we hung on to waiting for closure, until we realized we had to "close" it ourselves without his help.

The one (relationship) we wanted to work, but never understood or accepted that it didn't.  He set the standard for every subsequent relationship we had.  He's the reason "some" never completely move on or can love again. The one that made it difficult for us to walk away from because he tried to convince us we were the problem.  The one who helped us realize he wasn't "the one" because if he was it would've worked, lasted or sustained.  The one who taught us he wasn't the "only one" or the last, just the first we would love.

The one we thought we'd never get over, but did!

The one we virtually forgot when we loved again, and this time better...

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