Monday, May 31, 2010

Boomerang Effect...

My first stop after arriving from Washington, D.C. was to have dinner and drinks with friends.  The topic of discussion, aspirations.  The conversation reminded me of the decisions I had to make in my twenties that would prepare and establish me in my thirties.  The twenties aren't just for fun.  It's also the period in our lives to get focused and start putting a plan in motion. 

One of my struggles early on was trying to figure out how to "make things happen" when the reality is that wasn't my job.  My only only concern should have been focusing on my craft, my gift: writing. 

As long as you're pouring into the universe,  it has no option but to respond to your efforts with rewards.  Every email, phone call, or conversation centered around your goal propels you forward.  It's like an investment.  What you put in, you get back. 

I spent a great deal of energy imagining and trying to figure out "how" I would meet an investor or promoter to tour "A Day in the Life" the stage play.  I tried to connect the dots instead of surrendering the dream to God. He knows what we need before we know we'll need it.  Now, I realize my only concern should be "writing" because my gift (your gift) will make room for you.  Just do what you do.  It's already done.

Whatever we throw out, comes back.  Life would be unfair if it didn't...

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