Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My 34th Birthday...

Thirty-four years ago today I was born with a purpose, as we all are. I think ultimately our task here is to find what we were put on Earth to do. To, in some way, make a contribution that will make this place better for the next person and future generations. I believe many of the disparities we see in life are a result of some never knowing their purpose to even pursue one, while others are so crippled by fear of trying which results in untapped gifts that the world will never get to witness. I often think about songs, books or movies we'll never know of because a gifted writer gave up because of obstacles or fear. More tragically, a scientist that could potentially find the cure for cancer or AIDS, but didn't have the drive to work days and attend school by night.

I've encountered countless setbacks while trying to pursue a dream that seems so close at times, yet, so far away. At one stage in my life I thought the setbacks were indications that I was on the wrong path or that I was pursuing the wrong dream, but a friend reminded me to never get distracted by the journey because the end is still the end. It's already written. He continued by saying just adapt to whatever comes on the path to your destination because that's a part of the fabric of your story. He closed with, "The race is not given to the swift or to the strong, but to the one who endureth to the end."

Every single obstacle that we encounter is for our greatest good. Run to your dreams...

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  1. Well put my friend, Happy birthday. And I agree with your friend about adaptation. It doesn't mean your dream is wrong it just means the path to get there is different than we thought.

  2. Happy Birthday, hope you had a blast!

  3. I had a ball Tammi! Thank you babes...

  4. Happy Birthday love you


  5. mom

    just checking to see if i'm doing this right

  6. several years ago i came to atlanta to celebrate your birthday.we had four wonderful days together and a very enjoyable birthday dinner along with many of your friends.arriving in baltimore i stopped at our world famous lexington market.my cell phone rang as i entered the market and i was surprised to hear it was one of your friends.he said that he admired the relationship that you and i have and wished he and his mother could have a relationship like ours.i told him i would keep the two of them in prayer.

  7. Happy Belated B-day Craig !! I saw your pics on Tammi's blog you look great!! You have truly been blessed. I know it seems like things aren't happening fast enough. We all have to go through things to lead us to our purpose in life and you purpose is very near!! this is what makes us appreciate it even more!! Keep up the good work and much success in all that you do!! Again Happy Birthday!!