Monday, May 10, 2010

Just Random Thoughts, Show Up...

You ever go on a first date and the person sends a representative as opposed to just showing up?  They send the person they think you'll like.  Why don't people "show up" day one? 

My theory is, be yourself.  Eventually the real you will have to appear.  Especially if you make it past the first date.  This isn't limited to an in person date.  It occurs over the phone too.  You ever listen in on someone while they're on the phone with someone new?  Notice how their pitch or laugh changes.  Their pronunciation of words become extremely proper or full of slang.

In the case of gay men, we have a tendency of over emphasizing masculinity in an attempt to hide any signs we're gay hence the term "butching up".

(Shaking my Head)

Just be...

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