Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sex and the City 2

I attended the Sex and the City screening at the Woodruff Arts Center sponsored by Moet Chandon.  If you could imagine "The Color Purple" without the mailbox--you would have Sex and the City 2.  The mailbox was Celie's connection, her lifeline to her roots, her sister Netty as New York was Carrie's inspiration for her column, the backdrop to their friendship and the backbone of the show.  New York City was missing. The majority of the movie was set in Abu Dhabi (Middle East).

There was no thread throughout the movie that connected the story.  What we loved about the series was the truth, honesty and wit found in the writing.  It was stellar, unmatched.  There were no "lines" in this movie.  Aside from the glitz, glam, and fashion it was flat.

No sex, no city...

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  1. Awww! I loved it. But I will agree the lines were missing.

  2. There was sex, but not much sex and not much city

  3. You mean the sex at the end of the movie with Samantha? In the last 5 minutes of the movie?

  4. First, it's not a porno. Also, Samantha had sex at the beginning of the movie with Anthony's sexy brother after the wedding. The lines were missing because Carrie didn't do any writing the majority of the movie. I liked that they went away. That's what this movie was about... four friends getting away. They all needed a vacation from their everyday lives. I loved the movie. My only complaint was too much revealed in the previews. I hope they make a Sex and the City 3.