Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Miami, Memorial Day Weekend...

It's no secret that it's an annual tradition for the "kids" to flock to Miami for Memorial Day weekend.  Once upon a time, D.C. was the place to go for Memorial Day weekend, then the grown and sexy started flocking to San Juan, Puerto Rico to escape the "teeny boppers".  In the weeks leading up to said weekend, the gyms and shopping malls are flooded with "the kids" who are gearing up to take over the city.  It never fails, those going assume everyone is going especially if you're caught in the gym days before the festivities: "Oh, you tryna pull it together for Miami?" or "What day you going down?"

There comes a time we all must let that go!  At 34, I'm just not interested anymore...Goodnight!

Enjoy and be good...if you can't be good be SAFE!

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