Sunday, May 16, 2010

Isoul & Craig's "Suite Cocktail" at The Loews Hotel, Atlanta

Isoul and I decided to have an intimate cocktail party for a few friends during our stay at The Loews Atlanta. With a diverse (and crazy) mix of people, from all walks of life and industries, the night was complete fun. Not only did our guests mix and mingle, but they also shared, exchanged information, thus extending their personal networks. We feel this is important. Too often, we attend parties only to stand around and comment on clothes we like or don't, people we like or don't, or simply drink and converse with the same people we see week after week. We need to expand our thinking; open our minds and hearts; and, reach out and embrace one another. That's the only way we will all succeed.

Well, here are some snapshots from the evening...taken by our friend & photographer Anthony Moultry


  1. i had a complete blast with all the beautiful people! i can't wait until we can be the staple sisters: "let's do it again!"

  2. LOL @ Che. I'm glad you ended up coming ;)