Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another Random Thought, "X" Factor

It never fails once we settle into another relationship or we tell ourselves we've "moved on", a test appears in the form of a phone call, text message, email or chance meeting on the streets with an ex.  The universe has a way of challenging us to determine if we really are "decided".  It's not a coincidence.     

It's easy to get caught in that web of drama because our pride tempts us to respond to the message, never to consider the risk or damage a reply text or email can have on our current relationship or mental state.  The first correspondence becomes a second then third reply.  The messaging graduates to dinner or lunch and ultimately cheating.  The affair doesn't start as an affair.  It begins as an innocent text or email.
If we've truly moved on, hit ignore when the phone rings or delete when the message appears.  You've tried that.  It's in the past because it didn't work. Let go.  Look forward.  Move on.   

It's been said, "Every lesson repeats itself until it's learned."

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  1. WHAT!!!! You better speak. "Every lesson repeats itself until it's learned", huh? Well damn. Ok, got it.