Monday, May 10, 2010

Random Thought, Bridging the Gap...

There's always been a distinct line and/or division between gay men & lesbians without a definitive reason or answer why it exists.  Many years ago, I attended a workshop at AID Atlanta called "Bridging the Gap".  The focus of this discussion was bringing gay men and lesbians together.  We discussed the absence of women at "boy" parties or clubs and vice versa.  To that point, one woman said she dislikes being called "bitch" & she suggested the overuse of the word by gay men.  She went on to say we use the word with those we know and those we don't and frankly it was offensive to her.

When the conversation moved to relationship comparisons, the consensus that day was that lesbian relationships offer more longevity than gay male relationships.  Another woman there spoke passionately, but succinctly about it.  If I saw her today, I wouldn't recognize her, but I'll never forget her saying, "The reason our relationships last longer is because we don't run the moment after we learn our partner isn't perfect..."

The room was silent...

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