Monday, May 31, 2010

Self Realization...

As chance would have it, I ran into a guy I knew from Atlanta while I was in D.C.  I met him many years ago while he was a student at Morehouse college. We never dated, but we chatted on the phone a handful of times, under the pretense of dating, and we attended a church service together once. He said he moved to Washington, D.C. four months ago because his life in Atlanta was out of control, unhealthy, unstable, unpredictable and spiraling out of control.

He mentioned constant "partying" which is code for drugging, and frequenting after hour spots (that lend themselves to destructive behavior) until eleven or twelve o'clock the next afternoon was leading him down a road to nowhere. He said he realized he needed to make a mature decision for once and take himself out of that environment, thus, moving to the district.

I couldn't help but wonder about those that never self identify because they fail to slow down long enough to take an honest look at themselves.

One of the best parts of life is when we can admit the truth to ourselves about ourselves....

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