Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Lost Ones...

Ever wonder what happens to the "kids" that get comfortable enough to come out, but never evolve because they get stuck in the trappings of "the life"? Seems the more we become comfortable with our sexuality, enter further into gay life, acquire more friends, the more apt we become to abandon our core values. The foundation for which we were raised upon. Many become people their own families wouldn't recognize because they participate in the most unlikely behavior. Some get caught in the web of one or more scenes, club; ball; house; credit card/check writing/boosting; drug; prostitution/escort; internet cultures in search to find ones placement as a gay person. It's almost a rights of passage from the heterosexual world to the homosexual world that we all experience in one form or another, but some get stuck without ever fully matriculating.

Young adults moving to Atlanta or some other heavily gay populated city to sew their "gay oats". Equipped with big dreams of graduating from an esteemed college/university or pursuits of success in the entertainment industry, inevitably, he gets lured into a life he didn't fully choose, but curiosity of "the life", and some of its predators choose him. All of this made possible because in many cases there was no strategy or plan of action when he left his small town to move to the big city, the family network was shattered after he came out or the family connection was so disjointed there was no line of defense available to help repel these vices when they surfaced. Sadly, the big dreams dwindle to hopes of an apartment with a nice car, fly clothes & a boyfriend. Unable to cope when his new, unfamiliar face (to the scene)becomes familiar on the scene he resorts to any & everything to make his life interesting again...

These young kids (oftentimes) becoming the same ones in jail, 38 years old still and "walking balls", preparing for "pageants", grown men preying on young boys in the nightclubs (for 18 & older crowd) because they got lost in the cycle.

At what point is it time to grow up, and graduate to the next level? Everyone gets lessons at different times, but there has to be a point one says to himself, "It's time to let it go."

The saddest reality, most won't get it until it's too late...

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