Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"Conversation with God"

I see people buying homes, cars & clothes around me and I can't!
I think, "What happened to my life in college? Where's my progress?!" But then He quiets me & says, "You've had that. I'm trying to offer you something bigger, better, greater, long lasting if you can just hold on."

And then He says, "I'm setting things up in your life for your greatest good. Look at all the things I've connected in your life."

‎​"I keep sending u signs" He continues

"When I open this door for you completely they'll wonder how it happened. I just need you to remember me..."

And I keep asking and questioning Him still. "Why do you give me ideas, visions, dreams if you're not gonna help me?" He says, "It's timing. This is much bigger than you. I'm aligning forces in the universe to work in your favor."

"I know it feels like your work has gone unnoticed, but if you can just hold on..."

I surrender...

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  1. As usual, you have a way with words. I came across this post while on Facebook. Usually I don’t click on posts, but I am glad I clicked on this one. This was really on time because I have been in a SERIOUS funk about how I feel my life SHOULD be a little different than it is now. It never pans out the way you think, and albeit I should be grateful for what I have, it’s not always easy to swallow that cliché when you want to do bigger and better things on YOUR time. Well said Craig.