Wednesday, April 21, 2010

From "Fag Hag to "Fag Bangle"

The beauty of a woman is how willing she is to put it all on the line for any man she loves whether it’s her father, brother, son, friend or lover. A woman’s love is the closest we’ll ever see to unconditional. If a woman loves you, despite how many times you disappoint or hurt her (emotionally), she’ll always find it in her heart to forgive you in order to be in your corner because women seem to always see the good in people.

With the exception of girls or women that don’t fancy gay people, there has always been an intrinsic bond between gay boys & females dating back to childhood. While I had many male friends, I’ve always felt especially close to girls, and there are girls that have the same affinity for the gay boys they naturally gravitate to along their paths.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become close to several women. That force that connects us universally inspired the term “fag hag” which, refers to a woman that hangs with gay men primarily; however, fag hag is an outdated term because it implies she is older & possibly dowdy. On the other hand, “fag bangle” would be a fresher way of describing a younger girl or fly woman that hangs around like a pretty piece of jewelry. Aside from the mutual interests in aesthetics, I believe a less obvious connection between a gay man & heterosexual woman is the heartache & relationship struggles we share. I believe by the time we’re both 30, we’ve been disappointed or jaded by the men we love.

Both expecting to find a stable (mentally & financially), loyal, driven man who can respect & honor relationship boundaries.

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  1. Sweet! I was your bangle once, and we had fun.

  2. Good blog today sir...thanks for the new term.."Fag Bangle"...KMoore

  3. Awwww, to some extent I agree. There are females that I am close to, very close to. And some males, even straight ones, that I am just as close to. I have come to realize in my connections that there are some straight men who are as connected to who they are as same gender loving men and women, and still very much straight men. And I have grown considerably from being connected to them and loved by them.

  4. Craig,

    I was expecting to see my picture posted!

    Love an old skool, womb-to-tomb, fag bangle,


  5. 'fag bangle' is a pejorative term for a gay man kept as an accessory. I remember the term being used in AbFab in the 90s.