Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Found "Me" Again…

I’ve found the person I was,
before I came into what’s been called “The life”.
The person that exercised sexual restraint; boundaries.
One that didn’t abuse sexual opportunities
because he could.
Finally realizing, again, my worth.
No longer allowing myself the excuse
“because everyone else is doing it.”
It, being the internet or any other vice
so many of us get tangled in indefinitely.
A web of confusion & uncertainty,
hoplessness, emptiness & despair
because we, as a community,
don’t know our worth & because we don’t
know our fair market value we subject ourselves
to the most scurrilous & salacious predicaments
found in the gyms, on the internet, public parks or
some stranger’s house.
I lowered the bar because I grew tired of waiting
to be with someone worthy, deserving even, and
I knew the bar was too high for most to even reach;
for many to even attempt.
I wouldn’t trade my experiences
for nothing in the world because I gained
a better sense of who I am,
what I need,
and what I can do without.
I realize in all my past experiences
I was the common denominator and my role,
I thought, was to save, but I can’t save anyone from themselves.
No longer can I afford to dream a bigger dream
for someone that doesn’t dream for themself…


  1. Can I just say that your new blog feed my mind, heart, body and soul? Please continue to be a ray of light that will lead us all to a better understanding and acceptance of who we are and what we will become.

    I'm proud of you just for who you are and for sharing with the world.....NOW!!!

  2. You better preach on that. I am working on myself and trying to raise the bar back to where it once use to be!

  3. Yes, Sir so many of us are still trying to find ourselves and our place. So many of us, don't know our worth either, which saddens me.
    I happen to love the lines, where it speaks of lowering the bar, and setteling. So many people fall into the trap of settling for less than what they know they deserve and are worth. Yes, we all get tired waiting for that special someone to come along, but trust me, it's worth the wait. We should not enter relationships looking for someone to complete us, we must be happy whole and complete before the relationship.Yes, once one realizes thier true worth, they raise thier expectations of others and what they will accept. I think it can be so easy for one to lose a sense of who they are in the daily grind of life, we are both, finding "me" again.

  4. You have an abundance of God-given abilities and talents. Continue to Trust God to lead you in using them in His service.