Monday, April 5, 2010

Opening Night

I decided to create a blog because my concern, over the past 10 years, has been the gay community. Seems as if the stories never change, only the faces. Relationships ending for the same reasons, people becoming infected with HIV or dying from AIDS. My prayer has been " uplift, inspire, encourage, and enlighten gay people through my writing."

My first contribution was a dramatic comedy (stage play) called "A Day In the Life" that debuted in Atlanta.

It's the story of 6 gay men, who I believe, represent all the personalities in gay life. From the queen, transgender, minister of music, closet professional, progressive gay...

to the guy on the low.

They come together in a focus group because of one obvious commonality, their therapist. His idea is to bring them together with hopes of them learning from one another & possibly seeing their dysfunctions and/or destructive behavior through dialogue. Instead, there's contention.

The conversation triggers each to have a flasback to a day in their lives bringing about discovery and more self awareness.

I realized most people's entry to gay life is via internet sex sites or the club. I wanted to alter that in some way. Perhaps, a healthier alternative. I wanted to create a space with integrity that is for us and about us without any hint or notion of sex. It's for anyone that's ever prayed, wished, even hoped they weren't gay.

I believe we are the most gifted of God's people. We're more than just the obvious hairstylist & interior designers. We are writers, doctors, lawyers, singers and athletes. We were James Baldwin, Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Audrey Lorde and Bayard Rustin. We are the entertainment industry; yesterday's, today's and tomorrow's.

Somehow we've allowed ourselves to be backed into a corner of shame because of who we are. Because of what some people don't understand. We've allowed ourselves to be defined by their standards or definitions instead of following our own inner voice & conscience. Your conscience is your direct link to God. He speaks to you & guides you if you're available to hear Him. He'll direct you through every choice or circumstance in your life. He tugs at us, trying to get our attention when we're veering off in the wrong direction. He'll keep us awake in the middle of the night hoping we'll get the lesson; hear Him at least. He does it when we're unsure about a relationship, a job, a move. He's there in every dilemma we face.

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  1. Amen! We are all vessells full of power, with a treasure from the Lord. I still believe that Teaching Someone to Hate Themselves, is a way of having a form of control overthemselves. Society teaches that one should hate or dislike everything that is not similar to them, and this is why homophobia is so prevelant in today's society. I tell all of my friends, God created you to be a 100% original not a carbon copy of someone else. This is a play I would love to see.