Monday, June 7, 2010

When the Grass Looks Greener...

Love is like salt. We crave it and always manage to keep coming back to it for more, but both should be used sparingly, decidedly and in moderation.  If misused, it could be to your detriment.

It's been said relationships should be 50/50, but anything less than 100 percent from both involved is a recipe for failure.  We love fearfully.  We give less than our best for fear the relationship isn't going to last or that we won't get in return what we gave.  That same fear can make us insecure in our relationships, and those insecurities cause some to cheat because fear provokes the notion you're going to cheat, so they "do it to you" just in case you do it to them, and just maybe the pain will be assuaged since they "got" you first.

Infidelity shatters trust and the guilty party has the onus of picking up the millions of tiny pieces for both involved to repair--if it's worth fixing.  The most difficult part of the repair is for the accused to now be accountable for every missed phone, explain why you were one place as opposed to where you said you would be, and the list goes on, but that is the penalty one pays for cheating.

Someone said to me once, "If I have to choose between love and peace of mind, I choose peace of mind!"

Monogamy is a choice...

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  1. Time to take a divine pause: Move from confusion to peace, from fear to faith, from shame to self-love.