Sunday, June 27, 2010


I was excited to learn a ribbon had been created for those of us who are HIV negative. I think it's time to celebrate it, and bring attention because more often than not conversations around HIV rarely lend themselves to that side of the story.  It's time we encourage and remind each other to be proactive in remaining HIV negative.  Friends to the blog, Urban Socialites magazine sent this information along with the "Promise" ribbon....

UrbanSocialites would like to introduce the Virtual Promise Ribbon. The "promise" positions the responsibilities on you and us in remaining STD free.

Neither HIV nor any other STDs will take precedence over practicing safe sex. While thinking “Positively NEGATIVE Positively POSITIVE” we will adhere to our promise pledge by obtaining a relationship with our health provider as well as a commitment to a new STD testing when we fail our pledge. As the term virus is defined, an infectious agent that replicates and is transmitted from one source to another.

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