Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wendy Williams...

Wendy Williams will be hosting New York city's gay pride on June 15.  Here's the full story...

The former Hip Hop DJ was recently under fire for her insensitive behavior toward her gay audience. Like, refusing drag queen Erickatoure Aviance a seat in her studio audience due to the strict “no costume policy” and her frequent use of the phrase “no homo.”  That said, Williams is no bigot and, in fact, she is said to be “very pro-gay” but it might be a good idea if she thought before she spoke.

Even so, council officials say that Wendy’s blabber mouth brutal honesty is exactly what the celebration needs.  “I think Wendy represents in a lot ways, in her honesty and in her directness, the type of conversation that you need to constantly engage in if you’re going to keep society moving to a place that you are united and not divided by our otherness,” council speaker Christine Quin told the Advocate.

Hmmm…. We’ll see


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