Monday, June 28, 2010

Behind the Smile...

A friend of mine is a writer.  A great writer.  Before we became friends I read a story he wrote called "The Giggles" that left an indelible mark in my memory of my early years in Atlanta.  I remember where I was exactly when I read it.  I was home with a few friends.  I was lying on my couch.  They were watching television.  I picked up a magazine and flipped to Scott's story.  After reading it I shared it with my friends.  Several years later Scott and I became friends and that was one of the first things I told him; how "The Giggles" changed my life.  Before I share "The Giggles" I'd like to share a story he wrote....

Behind the Smile…

I am Black

I am a man

I am Gay

I am HIV positive

I love sports

I love fashion

I love music

I love traveling

I love movies

I have been all over the world

I practice yoga regularly. It calms me, strengthens me, heals my mind, body and soul.

In the fall of 2007, I attempted suicide

Behind the smile is someone who is lost and this blog is dedicated to the journey back to myself. It’s a commentary on my life, politics, fashion, music, movies & culture.

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