Friday, June 18, 2010

Lesbian Coach Banned from Church

This is a classic example of discrimination at its best by the church. A women’s softball team was banned from a church league in Tennessee because the coach is gay. Are they planning to do a complete sweep of the church? Shouldn't they fire or ban everyone that doesn't match their expectations? Wonder what would happen if they decided to exclude black or Latino people.

Coach Jana Jacobson said that in meetings in preparation for the league’s softball season, the minister of the Bellevue Baptist Church, Scotty Shows, told her that her team could not participate in the league because letting her participate would send a message to church members that the church condones her sexuality.

Tennessee civil rights lawyer Richard Fields said that the church’s prohibition on Jacobson’s team does not seem legal. “This is totally insane, and the gay community of Memphis should protest it, as well as the straight community," he said. "None of us should have to put up with that." Even though Fields suggested that Jacobson has a good chance in a lawsuit, Jacobson said she is not seeking a change in policy, nor would she return to the league if they did rescind the decision.


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